About RANGE center

A disproportionate amount of scientific and technological discoveries, as well as creative and artistic works, have been by individuals who are considered "gifted". RANGE Center was established at the University of Haifa with the aim of advancing innovative interdisciplinary research associated with creativity, giftedness and excellence in education. Under the auspices of the Faculty of Education, RANGE Center conducts theoretical and empirical research and implements research findings in field of giftedness and excellence. The long-term vision of RANGE Center is to evolve into a unique and innovative international center of excellence for research on giftedness in different fields, and the education of the exceptional, to benefit Israeli society and the international community.

Goals of RANGE Center

The identification and cultivation of gifted children is essential to Israel's future. Children with high intellectual potential should be provided with optimal educational opportunities in order to realize their potential and benefit both the individual child and the community. RANGE Center at the University of Haifa is dedicated to identifying, educating and nurturing gifted Israeli children.
The Center maintains academic ties with leading international institutions involved in the identification and education of the gifted in countries as wide-ranging as Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Canada and the United States. The Center hosts symposiums, workshops and academic conferences addressing issues connected to giftedness and excellence.
The Center has two sections which work closely together and support each other - the research section and the research implementation section.