Planned Activities for the Future

Planned Activities for the Future
Individual e-learning Programs.
The Center plans to open study tracts in different fields to enable pupils of different ages, from first grade up, to participate in enrichment activities according to their individual needs and abilities. The programs will be offered in cooperation with the pupils' teachers. Pupils be given individual instruction and will have ongoing contact with the university student-advisors.

Research Projects Program. This program will be aimed at eleventh and twelfth grade pupils who choose to pursue a research project on a variety of topics. All projects will be approved Israel's Ministry of Education. The projects will be supervised by post-graduate students according to the field of their own research. Student-advisors will receive scholarships allowing them to devote time to supervising the projects.
Lectures for Parents and Teachers. The Center plans to hold a series of lectures about giftedness and excellence for the public- at- large, including parents and teacher of gifted children.

*start of these programs depends on external financial support.